Ẹwafro is an award-winning African fashion featuring beautiful pieces with vibrant prints and bold patterns for the every day Queen.

Meaning behind the brand name “Ẹwafro”

“Ẹwa” means “beautiful” or “pretty” in the Nigerian language, Yoruba.

Be fearless, be fashionable, be free! 



In a market dominated by western ideals, we aim to be the antidote to the perception of fashion, bringing bold, fearless and colourful designs from Africa.

  • Passion – We want to make women feel beautiful, and our passion for doing so is at the heart of our company. We are continuously moving forward, innovating and improving quality and design.
  • Customer Focus – You are the motivation behind the brand. 
  • Socially Responsible – We intend to showcase what Africa has to offer to the fashion world. We are fiercely proud of the culture, heritage and style that Africa has to offer. As a result, we provide ethical fashion by paying fairly and honestly.
  • We Do Not Discriminate – Everyone deserves to make a statement. 
  • Strong Work Ethic – We value employee’s contributions, while employees understand and possess a willingness to work hard. With our work ethic, it is with love that we make our ready to wear African print head wrap.